Thursday, April 24, 2014


   Finally, after months of hinting at it, we are finally moving the open mic from it's current time of 11-3pm Thursdays, to its new time on Thursday evenings. Beginning Thursday May 1st 2014, we will have the open mic running from 5-9:00pm. If you want to perform, you are welcome to play at any time during the day Thursday as well, as long as it is cleared by James (call 780-278-3679), but the actual open mic time will be from 5-9. As mentioned before, we are keeping this family friendly, and keeping the volume to a reasonable level, but you are welcome to bring you're own amps and other instruments if necessary. I have my PA-system set up for any acoustic instruments, bass, keyboard, and vocals, and so forth. If you play piano and don't want to bring your own keyboard, let me know in advance so that I can bring out my keyboard to use. We are hoping to make this time work well, and part of that is having lots of performers, as well as a large audience, so if you know anyone else who might enjoy some live music, or anyone who plays music, be sure to let them know. 
  Another thing to note is that you will not be paid for your performances, but anyone who performs is welcome to some snacks and beverages from Ruth's Deli, and you are welcome to sell any music related merchandise you may have (t-shirts, CD's, Etc), and you are welcome to take tips as well. 

Here are a couple past performances at the open mic.

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