Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our New Open Mic

 I am starting up an open mic at Ruth's Deli in the Leduc City Center Mall every Thursday from 12-3, beginning Thursday October 31st. We are looking for local talent to come perform for 15 or 30 minutes at a time, with no real restrictions on the kind of stuff that you play, as long as it's family friendly. There will be a PA-system and a few mics set up, as well as a Keyboard some weeks. (But be sure to call ahead if you want to play keyboard as it will not always be there). So any acoustic instrument that can be mic'd or plugged in, as well as small hand percussion instruments, bass guitars, keyboards, and things of that nature are welcome. You can also play a longer set for an hour or two if you wish, but we would have to either do that before noon, or after 3pm, in order to allow for a wider variety of performances during the main times. If you would like a longer spot like this, just give James a call and he will work out the details.
   If you would like to perform, please contact James at 780-278-3679 to book a time slot that you would like to play in. Performers will not be paid, but are welcome to some food and hot beverages while there. You are also welcome to bring along items like your CD's or merchandise to sell. All ages are welcome, both for performing and watching. 
   The time of the open mic may change in the coming weeks if this time does not work for enough people, so be sure to pay attention to this website, our Facebook Page, or Ruth's Deli's Facebook Page, for any changes. You can also call ahead to be sure we will be there by calling James at 780-278-3679, or Cali at 780-986-0433. All booking will be done by The Turner Guitar Studio Staff however, so if you want to perform, it's best if you call James or the store's land line at 780-986-2251.

   I hope to see you there!

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